YouTube: Ottawa Storm (1942) and Safe Driving (1949)

Ottawa Storm (1942) – Library and Archives Canada

Published on Dec 7, 2015

A heavy winter storm in Ottawa in 1942 showing: Bronson Avenue, Bank Street with skier, streetcars frozen in tracks on Laurier Street, Bank Street streetcar subway, E.J. McKhool, Laurier Street Tearoom sign where bulldozer frees work car with trolley derailed by ice. [Army] work force tries to clear tracks which took a few days, Byron Avenue, streetcar on Bronson has advertisement for Duke Ellington’s Band. Tracks cleared at Bank Street subway, crew and passengers board streetcars. Mr. Somerville on Harvard Avenue. Rideau River barriers. Snow and ice laden trees, clearing roof of garage on Raleigh Avenue.

Source: Library and Archives Canada. Henry P. Sedziak fonds, 1986-0486, IDC 27583.

Safe Driving (1949) – Library and Archives Canada

Published on Dec 7, 2015

This film is a heritage item from Library and Archives Canada and is only available in English.

Care and operation of police cars. A 1948 Ford is featured and the film was shot in the Ottawa area.

Source: Library and Archives Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police fonds, 1986-0717, IDC 36443.

Ottawa, Canada’s Capital City (1938)

Published on Aug 5, 2015

This film is a heritage item from Library and Archives Canada and is only available in English

A short film which presents a brief history and the many features of Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. Included in the film is a brief explanation of why Ottawa was chosen as the capital city of British North America and the subsequent construction of the Rideau Canal. Also featured in the film is footage of aerial view of Ottawa and several landmark buildings such as the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings, interior of the House of Commons in session, the National Research Council building, the Dominion Archives, the Royal Canadian Mint, the Victoria Memorial Museum, Rideau Hall, Union Station, the Chateau Laurier hotel, high angle shots of traffic along Confederation Square, the Parliamentary Library, the Dominion Observatory at the Experimental Farm and the recently constructed Confederation Building. The film also shows the busy streets of the city along with the more tranquil scenery along the driveways of the Rideau Canal and the Rockcliffe Parkway, a travelling shot along Clemow Avenue and residential homes. From the social standards of a garden party at the Governor General’s residence to the raucous excitement of the midway at the Central Canadian Exhibition at Lansdowne Park, the film displays the many social activities that occur within the city limits. Also highlighted in the film are the many recreational sporting facilities that are scattered throughout the city allowing people to enjoy such activities as golf, soccer, thoroughbred horse racing, speedboat racing on the Ottawa River, tennis, canoeing and rowing competitions.

Source: Library and Archives Canada. National Film Board of Canada fonds, 1977-0207, IDC 197359.

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