The Victoria Memorial Museum Building – 1915 & 2014

Found on Lost Ottawa



Photo from Library and Archives Canada: Department of the Interior photographic records (Ottawa)



Ottawahh: Building The Victoria Memorial Museum Building – 1909, 1911 & 2013

Wikipedia: Victoria Memorial Museum Building / Canadian Museum of Nature

Unfortunately, because of the presence of unstable Leda clay in the geology of the site, a tall tower that was situated at the front of the building had to be taken down in 1915 due to settling and the concern that the foundation could not support the weight. The unstable site forced some workers to stop working, as shifting foundations in the basement shot bricks and stones out from the walls, hitting some construction workers.

The building found itself filling a more auspicious role than originally intended when in 1916, fire consumed the majority of the Centre Block on Parliament Hill. The recently completed Victoria Museum Building became the temporary home of the House of Commons from 1916 to 1919 and the affairs of the government were run from the site until the completion of the new Parliament building in 1922

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